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All the quest steps for all of Riven's Wishes quests for Season of the Wish in Destiny 2 and what reward to get with your Wish Token.


Riven’s Wishes are a new series of quests introduced to Destiny 2 during Season of the Wish. These quests release once a week until all six are available. By completing the quests, players can earn a Wish Token that can be exchanged for a valuable reward, either a Deepsight Resonance raid weapon, Exotic armor, or late-game currency. Below are all of the quests steps for Riven’s Wishes and what reward you should pick.

All Riven’s Wishes quest

An arrow points the way to Mara Sov in the HELM
Visit Mara Sov in the H.E.L.M. to pick up the Riven's Wishes quests and to claim your rewards.
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Every single one of Riven’s Wishes quest will task players with going to the Dreaming City to do a variety of different activities. The only caveat is that one quest will require the completion of the Prophecy dungeon.

Other than the different tasks, these quests will have the same last two steps: Speak with Mara at the H.E.L.M. and turn your Wish Token in for a reward. So that means you’ll be speaking with Mara to pick up the Riven’s Wishes quests and then speaking with her again to turn your token into a reward.

Riven’s Wishes rewards – What reward to pick

Once you complete a Riven’s Wishes quest, you will get a Wish Token that you can exchange for a reward. You can only get one Wish Token per account per quest – this means you’ll only have about seven tokens to use. There are three different reward types to get as part of the Riven’s Wishes quests:

  • Last Wish raid red border weapons
  • Exotic armor pieces
  • Exotic currencies and Mementos

What reward to pick

The memento rewards from Riven's Wishes

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For most players, the best reward to pick will be the Mementos. The reason for this is that these are difficult to come by and the other rewards are easy to get from other activities.

The Last Wish weapon rewards for Riven's Wishes

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For example, the Last Wish weapons can be easily acquired by simply farming the first boss (Kalli) using Fireteam Finder or an LFG Discord group. You can get all of the patterns in a few sessions of farming. Check out our raid schedule guide to see when Last Wish is next available this season. If you must get one of these weapons, here are some recommendations:

The Exotic armor rewards for Riven's Wishes

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The Exotic armor can be acquired by simply using a Vex Incursion Zone tracker and completing the event activates. You are guaranteed to get an Exotic you don’t have. The only reason you’d want to buy one of these is if you’re desperate for a high stat roll. You can also farm for Exotic armor from Legend and Master Lost Sectors. If you've got to get an Exotic from here, get one of these:

  • Pyrogale Gauntlets
  • Mothkeeper's Wraps
  • Cenotaph Mask

As for the currencies, you can get Ascendant Shards from Grandmaster Nightfalls and a whole lot of other places. Meanwhile, Ascendant Alloy drops from The Coil and – you guessed it – a ton of other activities. The Exotic Cipher might be the most useless one unless you’re extremely new to Destiny 2 and desperate to access some older Exotics from the Monument to Lost Lights.

Riven’s Wishes 1

Steps to complete Riven's Wishes 1

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The first quest for Riven’s Wishes rewards 5 Enhancement Cores and one Wish Token.

  • 3 Public Events completed
  • Dreaming City activities

For this one, go to The Strand in the Dreaming City and complete the Rift Generator. Turn it Heroic by destroying the three Blights and then defeating the Wizards. You’ll get transported to the Ascendant Realm where you must defeat more Wizards and a boss. Do this and you can get this step done in one go.

The Dreaming City activities will take a bit more time. You can complete Lost Sectors, do the Last Wish raid or Shattered Throne dungeon, or farm the Blind Well. Honestly, it’s probably best to just farm Aphelion’s Rest.

Riven’s Wishes 2

The second quest for Riven’s Wishes rewards 5 Enhancement Cores and one Wish Token.

  • Open Ascendant Chests in the Dreaming City

Check out our guide on all Ascendant Chest locations in the Dreaming City so you can finish this easily. You’ll also need to have Tincture of Queensfoil to be able to see these chests.

Riven’s Wishes 3

The third quest for Riven’s Wishes rewards 5 Enhancement Cores and one Wish Token.

  • Defeat combatants in Legend or Master Lost Sectors

You’ll get more progress for defeating the combatants in the Legend and Master Lost Sectors that are in the Dreaming City. Now, these are on an 11 day cycle and thankfully all three Lost Sectors are in the rotation.

Riven’s Wishes 4

The fourth quest for Riven’s Wishes rewards 5 Enhancement Cores and one Wish Token.

  • Defeat combatants in the Blind Well
  • Complete a Tier 3 version of the Blind Well

You’ll be going back to the Blind Well for this one. Just sit in there, get kills, and keep doing Tier 3 versions until this is done.

Riven’s Wishes 5

The second last quest for Riven’s Wishes rewards 10 Enhancement Cores and one Wish Token.

  • Defeat Taken bosses or minibosses in Rheasilvia in the Dreaming City or summon and defeat Pauurc, the Farseer’s Heir in Rheasilvia

Pauurc, the Farseer’s Heir is a boss that you can spawn in Rheasilvia, but it will take a bit of effort. You need to use the Awoken Charges that a Saboteur drops, do a bunch of running around, and then defeat the boss. Honestly, it's probably better to just kill bosses and minibosses (run through the Chamber of Starlight a few times).

Riven’s Wishes 6

The final quest for Riven’s Wishes rewards 1 Ascendant Alloy and two Wish Token.

  • Complete all encounters in the Prophecy dungeon

The last of the Riven’s Wishes quests tasks you with completing the Prophecy dungeon. Now, you can’t just defeat the last boss and call it a day, you’ll need to complete each encounter. However, once this is done you’ll have two Wish Tokens to spend.

With all of Riven’s Wishes done, you should find yourself the owner of some great rewards. For players who have been grinding Destiny 2 for a while, the best choice will be the Mementos. All that’s left to do now is to keep preparing for The Final Shape. Read over our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more quest walkthroughs and schedules.

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