Exotics with intrinsic Champion mods - Destiny 2

All anti-Champion Exotics in Destiny 2 that feature intrinsic perks or capabilities that allow you to stun Champions.


Dealing with Champions in endgame has become the norm for players in Destiny 2. However, while some will fall back on seasonal Champion mods, there are those that utilize various Exotics to deal with the shielding, teleporting and wrecking-ball like foes. In order to expand your arsenal, it’s worth considering some of these Exotics that come with intrinsic Champion mods.

Exotics with intrinsic Champion mods

Divinity Trace Rifle from Destiny 2
Divinity is one of the Exotic weapons that features a built-in anti-Champion mod: Overload.
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As the name suggests, seasonal mods change. While players can always change up their loadouts and use the new set of Champion mods with different weapons, there exist a set of weapons that will always have the same Champion mods: Exotics. These weapons have built-in anti-Champion capabilities, ensuring you will always have an Exotic option when it comes to dealing with champs.

Exotics with intrinsic Champion mods
Champion mod Weapon Name Slot Type/Class
Anti-Barrier Arbalest Kinetic Linear Fusion Rifle
Anti-Barrier Eriana's Vow Energy Hand Cannon
Anti-Barrier The Lament Power Sword
Anti-Barrier Revision Zero Kinetic Pulse Rifle
Anti-Barrier Wish-Ender Kinetic Bow
Overload Divinity Energy Trace Rifle
Overload Le Monarque Energy Bow
Overload via Suppression Ruinous Effigy Energy Trace Rifle
Overload Thunderlord Power Machine Gun
Overload via Suppression Wavesplitter Energy Trance Rifle
Unstoppable Bastion Kinetic Fusion Rifle
Unstoppable Devil's Ruin Energy Sidearm
Unstoppable via Blind via Catalyst Grand Overture Power Machine Gun
Unstoppable Leviathan's Breath Power Bow
Unstoppable Malfeasance Kinetic Hand Cannon
Unstoppable via Scorch/Ignitions One Thousand Voices Power Fusion Rifle
Unstoppable via Scorch/Ignition Polaris Lance Energy Scout Rifle
Unstoppable via Scorch/Ignition via Catalyst Prometheus Lens Energy Trance Rifle
Unstoppable via Blind The Queenbreaker Power Linear Fusion Rifle
Unstoppable via Scorch/Ignition Sunshot Energy Hand Cannon
Unstoppable via Scorch/Ignition Two-Tailed Fox Power Rocket Launcher
Exotic armor
Anti-Barrier Second Chance Arms Titan
Overload Secant Filaments Boots Warlock
Unstoppable Athrys's Embrace Arms Hunter

While the majority of Exotics with Champion mods are weapons, there are a few Exotics (at least one for each class) that feature Champion traits. These Exotics rely on players to use a specific class, subclass and even Grenade, Melee, or Class Ability. One of the standouts is the Warlock Exotic, Secant Filament, as it allows any weapon to apply Overload damage, even your allies’.

On the Exotic weapon front, Arbalest and Divinity are two standouts that continue to be must-have weapons in endgame content. Despite Divinity’s damage debuff nerf, its ability to create a large crit spot and Overload Champions with ease should keep it in your weapon rotation. Arbalest, especially with its Exotic catalyst, can punch through any shield, not just Barrier Champions.

As you tackle a new season’s Grandmaster Nightfall rotation, keep an eye on your Champion mods and consider whether you could substitute it with an Exotic weapon. It might not always be ideal, but sometimes an Exotic with an intrinsic Champion mod will make your life easy. For more help with endgame content, check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide.

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