Evening Reading - March 5, 2021

Another week down. Great job, everyone.


Good evening, Shacknews, it's Friday night! You made it. That's another week of the year down. Hard to believe it's already March again, huh? Anyway, let's jump right into things.

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And now... Other Stuff From The Internet!!!

God this game is beautiful sometimes

Say what you want—and I won't argue against the fact that it was a buggy mess—but Cyberpunk 2077 nailed at least one thing; the visuals. It was hands down one of the best looking games available on the PC at its release and I got an astounding amount of enjoyment out of just exploring the world and enjoying those crisp shiny graphics. Yeah, there were problems, the marketing was a bunch of garbage, but still... there are things worth admiring in there.

Now for something completely different...

It's funny cause it's true.

Smiling doesn't solve problems?

Might I interest you in some thoughts and prayers instead?

Final Fantubesy

You can't kick me out, this thing isn't over yet.

Listen up fives...

This reminds me... I should give 30 Rock another watch soon.


I'm not crying... I just got dust in my eye.

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It's been a while, so here's a picture of the pup to get your weekend cheeriness started. 

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