Deathloop's sexy Deja Vu Trailer theme is now on Spotify

If you liked the James Bond-like theme that played during the recent Deathloop trailer, you might be happy to know that it's now available on Spotify.


Deathloop was a definite highlight of the recent PlayStation State of Play presentation, showing off an all-new look at the kind of murder, mayhem, time-bending, and spy-vs-spy we’d be getting up to when the game arrives in May 2021. However, an undeniable part of the appeal of that trailer was the James Bond-like quality of the theme playing over its action throughout. The single, Déjà Vu by FJØRA, was an absolute mood setter, and those who want to experience regularly can now find it playing on Spotify.

The Deathloop Déjà Vu gameplay trailer was launched on February 25, 2021, as a prominent part of the PlayStation State of Play presentation that went live on the same day. A major part of the aesthetic throughout Deathloop has been its somewhat psychedelic and grindhouse scenery and characters as protagonist Colt battles against time and opposite assassin Julianna to take out eight targets on the isle of Blackreef and break a time loop that keeps all of them there in perpetuity. Now, music enthusiasts can find the song that exemplifies that premise posted up on Spotify by FJØRA’s publisher, Sencit Music.

With such a wonderful song to enjoy, it’s all the more reason to be excited for everything that Deathloop offers. Arkane Studios has seemingly done an impressive job of bringing its experience on previous stealth-action games like Dishonored and Prey together in this new time-bending experience. It comes complete with some new tricks players will employ as they try to lock down the timing to kill all of Colt’s eight targets in one fashionable go, taking with him all of the weapons, powers, and knowledge he gains throughout each loop. It’s an experience the developers happily described as a "time-based murder puzzle," and it’s looking better and better with each showing.

As Deathloop readies for a full launch on May 21, 2021 on PC and PlayStation 5, have a listen and enjoy the Déjà Vu theme to your heart’s content. In the meantime, be sure to continue follow out coverage ahead of the game for further news, updates, and information.

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