Ziggurat Interactive's March Retro First Friday gets sporty with games like 4th & Inches

A number of classic sports titles have joined Ziggurat Interactive's formidable slate on its latest Retro First Friday.


Every first Friday of a month Ziggurat Interactive aims to release a new slate of gaming classics that are joining its continually growing empire of old school games. March is no different, and this time around, Ziggurat has sports on the mind. The latest run of Retro First Friday titles is a collection of classic sports games from across different athletic ventures, including football title 4th & Inches and 3-on-3 basketball game Fast Break.

Ziggurat Interactive revealed its new Retro First Friday releases for this month on March 5, 2021. All games this time around are focused on different sports and will come to Steam at a 33% discount for the following week.

The titles of this Retro First Friday are as follows.

  • 4th & Inches: A 1988 classic American football sim from Accolade featuring deep playbooks and strategies as you strive for every bit of yardage on offense and defense.
  • Fast Break: A 1989 3-on-3 basketball game from Accolade. The game includes 15 offensive and 5 defensive plays to utilize, as well as the ability to design your own plays.
  • TKO: A 1989 first-person boxing sim from Accolade. As the match goes on, you’ll see your fighters show damage and you can even customize their favored arms, speed versus power, and more.
  • MicroProse Soccer: As suggested by the name, this is a 1988 soccer sim from MicroProse alongside Sensible Software. Pick up and play or challenge three leagues as you explore 29 teams and a variety of offensive and defensive moves throughout the game.

This new slate of Retro First Friday games from Ziggurat Interactive is available as of today on Steam. So if you want to explore some sporting classics, be sure to check out any of the above games. Want to check out more Ziggurat classic gaming? Be sure to check out the publisher’s latest acquisition and release of Data East arcade titles such as Bad Dudes and Joe & Mac.

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