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    By: TotalFusionOne
    When my brother found out where our hot dogs came from it triggered a days-long melt down that is still talked about within my family 30 years later. About a week after, he's happily eating a hamburger and suddenly gets this look on his face.

    We were vegetarian for four. years. because. of. this.
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    By: Masem
    Because Elon is a cheapskate and/or has no idea what he's doing, Xbox loses the ability to share directly to Twitter since MS refuses to pay the API fees.
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    By: Shacknews
    Donovan Erskine posted a new article, <a target="_blank" href="/article/135178/tesla-price-raise-usa">Tesla raises prices in the U.S. days after lowering them</a>
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    By: Maddog_Delphi97
    So you have chosen… death!
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    By: Maddog_Delphi97
    How bubble tea is made
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    By: Korban
    I also hate people that end a meeting a few minutes early and tell everyone to enjoy the few extra minutes... fuck you, Gary.
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    By: FlamingGimp
    Will this make my apple watch last more than 1 day?
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    By: Omaha
    Yes, last season of little league I was an assistant coach and the head coach was doing a shit job. He gave some bad guidance and then the other team got a great hit and bent the rules on advancing on an overthrow (since our coach had the kid in a shitty spot) and then didn't even try to fight for it.

    I took off my cap and slammed it to the ground in the dugout. I immediately felt dumb and put it back on.
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    By: r_picmip 5
    Woah bro take a Xanax and chill.
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    By: TotalFusionOne
    Is it } y you're looking for?