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58 year old Seattle software developer mourns loss of exercise ball

An exercise ball, known otherwise as a "yoga ball", "gymnastic ball", "fitness ball", or , "Large Ass Support"  is an elastic, puncture resistant device usually used by yoga trainers, people in physical therapy, and sometimes overweight software developers. 58 year old Seattle software developer and video game fan "Gabe Newell" recalls, in this heartwarming story, when he lost something of immense support to him but gained something else altogether. 

Andromeda galaxy "full of hoes", claims Michigan man

DeAndre Demarcus-Rashad Jackson is an amateur astronomer from Ann Arbor, MI who, working jointly with the Cambridge Institute of Astronomy in a groundbreaking  experiment using "angular diffraction telescopy" and "spectral-isotropic particle detection" discovered something about the Milky Way's closest neighbor that may change everything about astronomy as we know it, and possibly our notions of the observable universe.

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