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D And D Logic - Viva La Dirt League

D And D Logic - Viva La Dirt League

D&D Logic - Viva La Dirt League Watch us play D&D on our second channel: D&D Logic Trailer - - When your epic backstory doesn't match the level in D&D - Level 1 Backstories - - Waiting for your turn in D&D combat - Turn Based - - The rules of casting two spells in a round in D&D - Rules Lawyer - - A long rest fixes everything in D&D - Long Rest - - Frustrating turn order mechanics in D&D - Not My Turn - - The rules of low health in D&D - - Ruining another player's equipment in D&D - - Teaching the arrogant player a lesson in D&D - - When the players don't pay attention in D&D - Big Reveal - - Sometimes life gets in the way of playing D&D - -

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