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Critical Role Campaign 3 starts tomorrow!

Critical Role Campaign 3 starts tomorrow!

Campaign 3 begins tomorrow and I’m immortalizing my excitement with this post.


You’re probably familiar with a lot of my interests thanks to my past Cortex post, but one thing I haven’t shared is how big of a Critical Role fan I am. At the beginning of the pandemic, I decided to jump in and binge Campaign 2 and absolutely fell in love. Getting to watch the final arc of that story unfold earlier this year was insane, and it’s easily one of my favorite pieces of entertainment of 2021. The gang is embarking on a new adventure with Campaign 3 tomorrow, and I am oh so ready.

I’m actually going to a theater to check out the premiere of Campaign 3. CR partnered with Cinemark to debut it on a handful of screens around the US, and the closest Cinemark to me sold out in under an hour, so I’m expecting it to be a good time.


As for the show itself, I’m not really sure what my expectations are for Campaign 3. I’m excited to see and learn more about Marquet, the continent on Exandria where this adventure will take place. It’s filled with deserts and mountainous regions, which will be a cool shakeup from what we got with Wildemount in C2. 

I’m also excited to meet a new group of characters and see who the cast plays. They’ve all been secretive about their new characters, so it’ll be pretty cool to see all of that get revealed. Again, I have no expectations as to what races or classes I want to see, I’m kind of just along for the ride.


All in all, I’m just excited to be watching a fresh campaign from the very beginning, getting to experience the early days, watch plot threads get set up, and experience the satisfaction when those threads pay off 1-2 years down the line. I’m not sure if we’ve got any Critters that read Cortex, but I would love to hear from any that do! Is it Thursday yet?

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