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Evening Reading - December 7, 2022

Brush up on everything that you might've missed on Shacknews today, and enjoy some fun finds from around the net!


It’s Wednesday night once more which means it’s time for a little Evening Reading! If you’re new to our Evening Reading features, they’re a way to quickly catch up on everything posted to Shacknews for the day, and check out some fun and interesting finds from around the net. With that being said, let’s jump right into the Evening Reading for Wednesday, December 7!

In case you missed it at Shacknews:

And now, other stuff from the internet!

Big step

One big step for Eevee, one giant leap for Eevee kind. 

Classic covers

Modern Pokemon meets classic Pokemon box art. 

Rock, paper, scissors

I'm a fan of rock in rock, paper, scissors because it requires no further action other than shaking your fist up and down a few times. 

Sailor art



Wow, just wow. 

Master Chief

It really is the best sleeping position. 


He tried so hard, but in the end...


Extremely relatable. 


Oh look, it's me trying to blend in during social events. 

Spring vs. Winter

Pretty in both seasons.

Ghost Hunter

This is pretty rad.

Oh, wait, no...

Every single time.

Elpis flower

It's so pretty!!!

Music Corner

In a music mood this evening so here are a few songs I've been listening to a lot lately starting with No Diggity. 


The entire album this track is from is still one of my all-time MX favorites, it's so good. 

Still Remains

Relatable, and also very good.

And there you have it, now it's time to bring our Evening Reading for December 7 to a close. Before we turn things over to Chatty, we want to take a moment to remind you that if you love what we do here at Shacknews and are looking for a way to show your support, you can do so by subscribing to Shacknews Mercury for as little as $1 a month.

Portrait shot of black and white cat looking straight ahead at the camera
My boy Deku says if you haven't downloaded the Shackpets app you should, it's free on iOS and Android and packed full of adorable pet pics, his included!

Now, it’s your turn Chatty! How has your Wednesday been treating you? Any fun finds from around the net you’d like to share with us? Drop ‘em in the comments!

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