GameStop (GME) reports 71.8 million shares directly registered with ComputerShare as of October 2022

This is up further from the 71.3 million shares directly registered with the transfer agent in GameStop's Q2 2022 in September.


With the popularity of GameStop (GME) stock in recent history, the company has registered a number of shares directly with its transfer agent, ComputerShare, and that number has increased abundantly over the course of 2022. Where back in June, GameStop reported 12.7 million shares directly registered, by September, that number had grown to 71.3 million for Q2 2022. Now, the most recent reported number of directly registered shares has reached 71.8 million shares as of October 2022.

GameStop reported the most current number of directly registered shares with ComputerShare via a 10-Q filing on December 7, 2022, right alongside its Q3 2022 earnings results. Despite GameStop missing on both revenue and earnings-per-share expectations on the quarter, the number of registered shares with its transfer agent still increased.

GameStop (GME) stock chart as of December 7, 2022 at 2:56 p.m. PT.
GameStop's (GME) stock price bounced around in after hours trading following the launch of its Q3 2022 results.
Source: Google

There are now said to be about 304 million GameStop shares in circulation, though there are a few matters to consider in regards to this number. In June 2022, GameStop approved a 4-for-1 stock split which went into effect immediately, which could account for much of the boost from 12.7 million in June to 71.3 million in September. Moreover, there have been some shenanigans in some markets with European investors claiming the stock split didn’t come through. It was determined after that fraudulent shares could be in play, muddying up the situation.

Nonetheless, the continuing increase of registered GME shares to 71.8 million continues to be a notable story as GameStop continues to transform its business. For more GME news and earnings results in the tech and video game industry, keep it tuned here at Shacknews.

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