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Weekend Discussion -July 30, 2022

The weekend is here and so is a brand new Weekend Discussion!


Happy Saturday everyone. I hope that you all are enjoying the end of another Summer month. I am quite tired of the amount of bugs munching on me during every walk I take with my dog. But it's been a solid month for gaming with some bangers dropping the past few weeks and MultiVersus gaining plenty of attention as well.

We are also a less than a week away form Evo! Our very own TJ Denzer will be competing at the event and we will have plenty to talk about on Wide World of Electronic Sports so stay tuned. Alright, let's jump into Weekend Discussion, shall we?

In Case You Missed It....

One thing taking the gaming community by storm and even our own staff has been MultiVersus! With the open beta officially under way and more time spent with the characters, things have started to get interesting as certain characters are already getting nerfed in early patches and certain strategies are being discovered by members of he FGC and Smash communities.

We have plenty of content if you are looking to break into the new game as well. Check out the tutorial video below: 

Myself and the other co-hosts on Wide World of Electronic Sports has plenty to say about the new game and it's potential to make waves. 

TJ had a fun time playing Ex-Zodiac on this week's Indie-licious. The game reminds me a ton of Star Fox and it makes me hope that we will see more of tat style return in the future. Check out the clip below and the full VOD here.

And Now....The Internet

The highlight of last week's Comic-Con was definitely Black Panther. So many emotions watching this trailer and I love that we are also getting Namor! This project is in the right hand with Ryan Coogler coming back.

Which Zelda game do you think your fav pro wrestler is playing? I think The Rock would be into Ocarina of Time. 

Luke is looking kinda nasty in SF6. Hope we get a new character reveal at EVO. 

Final Fantasy 7 has been on my list to play for ages. It's been interesting hearing folks talk about the impact th egame has had on them.

Apparently, new things have been discovered in Nier: Automata. 

Its pretty interesting to see how much tech has changed over the years and the internet. Watch this. 

Digital art is something special. So much potential! What do you think of this? 

It's a beautiful weekend here in Chicago: Not at Lolla but Summertime Chi is something special. 

Weekend Vibes

Beyoncé is here and the internet is giving her a Queen's greeting. 

I hope you all have a great end to your weekend and thanks for reading! Remember to get those pics up on Shackpets so I can highlight you on our social channels! See you all next weekend!

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Denny is the current Social Media & Community Lead for Shacknews. He loves to be part of the conversation with readers and the gaming community as a whole. Denny is very passionate about making the game industry and associated media spaces more inclusive. He's also a huge fan of fighting games, hosting live tournament events with some fun color commentary. When he’s not gaming, you can find him diving into the discount comics bin or enjoying a horror movie with the lights off. He’s also been a content creator on Twitch since 2015 and has spoken live at Twitchcon, C2E2, and several other events along with providing D&I consulting for up and coming brands in gaming. 

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