Limited Run delivers a packed LRG3 2021 with 30 games shown

While not officially part of E3 2021, Limited Run hit gamers hard with physical game announcements out of LRG3 and 30 titles shown to add to their collection.


E3 is the perfect time for digital conferences jam-packed with enough game announcements, reveals, and trailers to turn any bright-eyed and bushy-tailed fan into a slumped pile of overstimulated mush. In case you can't keep up with the rapid-fire pace of gaming news, we have one 'direct' locked up for you here with Limited Run's LRG3 2021 and its huge showcase of 30 games to add to your physical collections. That's right, digital-only libraries need not apply, Limited Run Games is bringing you video games you can see, touch, smell, and taste - if that's what you're into - just like the way they used to be.

Throughout the LRG3 event that ran on day 4 of E3 2021, we got to see 30 new physical games that will be headed straight to your mailbox instead of being downloaded. Convenience be damned, Limited Run Games is all about 'physical forever' and that's a mantra I can personally get behind. As a fan of classic game preservation and replication, it's my opinion that physical games are more important than ever to avoid games becoming examples of lost media, forever unable to be experienced first-hand again. Limited Run had a huge show prepared for LRG3 and were committed to delivering some good news for game collectors everywhere.

Co-Founder of Limited Run Games, Douglas Bogart said of the show, “Each LRG3 we look forward to revealing what we have in store for the future. We continue to partner with some of the best talent in the industry and this year is no different. We’re very excited to announce 30 individual new physical products coming out through including a lineup of titles from Konami, Lucasfilm Games, and WayForward.” Some of the standout announcements include the entire Shantae series coming to the PS5 and a physical release of the Castlevania Requiem collection which includes the two masterpieces, Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood.

Especially dedicated retro fans who still have a Turbo Duo will be able to purchase a reprinting of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, originally released for the Japanese PC-Engine CD. If cartridges are more your jam, the awesome co-op undead shooter, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, will be receiving a Genesis reprint as well so you can relive the LucasArts classic. Those of you with an SNES can grab the spooky Ghoul Patrol as the spiritual successor to the Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

Here's a list of everything shown at the event:

What a lineup! Limited Run really packed the physical game announcements into LGR3 2021. As the company name implies, some of these will have low print runs so make sure you check Limited Run Games for when preorders close for your favorite games. If you'd like to stay up-to-date with all of the news and reveals coming out of E3 2021, Shacknews has a guide with everything covered so far.

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