New Dusk mod support allows players to import Quake & Half-Life maps

Dusk recently got mod suppor, and one of the things you can do with it is import Quake and Half-Life official (or user-created) maps into the game for play.


Dusk is a pretty great game. The folks at New Blood Interactive have been part of a comeback of retro style arena shooters with Dusk as a prominent member among the charge. Now, with modding support having come to the game via the SDK, players can import some of the inspiration for Dusk directly into it. Dusk modding allows for the import and play of Quake and Half-Life maps.

Dusk’s Alpha modding support was added on February 13, 2020, announced via a developer update on Steam and boasted over 50 mods available upon release. Folks have loaded in assets to recreate parts of Doom, Quake 3: Arena, and weirder things like Crash Bandicoot textures, but one of the more interesting claims among Dusk’s update notes is that you can now import and play most of the original Quake in Dusk. Indeed, there are even instructions on how to effectively load Quake levels into Dusk over on the Dusk Wikipedia. The original Half-Life levels and maps can be loaded as well.

Quake isn't just able to load in Dusk via its new mod support. It actually plays pretty well.
Quake isn't just able to load in Dusk via its new mod support. It actually plays pretty well.

What’s interesting is that you can also load user-created Quake and Half-Life maps into Dusk via the instructions provided and they mostly look good and intact. It’s not completely iron-clad as New Blood Interactive points out. The SDK seems to be currently having trouble with bigger maps, mentioning issues specifically with Quake levels like Arcane Dimensions and Wrath. However, the option is still fun to say the least, and it’s cool that these additions to Dusk’s environment actually work pretty well for the most part.

Since Dusk’s launch in February 2019, the game has stood out as an incredible throwback to the olden days of running and gibbing shooters. It’s been followed by similar fun like WRATH: Aeon of Ruin and arguably continued to deliver via updates like this recent modding support. Heck, if we can continue to recreate more Quake history inside Dusk in addition to the fun with the base game, we’re all for it.

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