The full Shantae collection is coming PS5 soon as revealed by LRG3 2021

Lucky owners of the PlayStation 5 get even luckier with the news of the full Shantae collection coming soon as shown in a trailer at LRG3 2021.


The PS5 library gains a full catalog today with all of the Shantae games coming soon. Announced during a trailer at LRG3 2021, the Shantae collection will be coming to PS5 via physical release by Limited Run Games soon. We have the announcement trailer below, please take a look.

WayForward has been creating video games since 1992 and started making a name for themselves in the early '00s with the release of Wendy: Every Witch Way and Shantae for the Game Boy Color. Shantae has now become a cult-classic action-platforming series with vibrant art, expressive animation, and well-crafted levels. Fans of the series can play all five Shantae games currently on the Nintendo Switch but PlayStation owners looking for a retro fix on their PS5 will soon be able to join in on the fun.

Announced today with a trailer during LRG3 2021, the entire Shantae collection will soon be headed to the PS5 with a physical release from Limited Run Games. The trailer takes viewers through all five Shantae titles that will be part of the package and ends with the promise of 'coming soon'. How long this may be is up to anyone's guess. With Shantae games already released for the PS4, it might be a matter of shipping copies at this point if the company is ready to announce the new physical collection. Limited Run Games are sometimes printed in smaller batches as the name would imply, but something as popular as Shantae will surely be available to everyone who wants one. Limited Run Games have even partnered with Best Buy in the past for large-scale distribution, so anything is possible.

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