Fall Guys teases Shovel Knight crossover content

Fall Guys continues to add new cosmetics from throughout the gaming world and it looks like Shovel Knight is next.


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout continues to add new content on a regular basis. That includes both new mini-games, as well as new cosmetic outfit pieces. Some of those outfit pieces have come from across the gaming world and the latest batch looks like it'll come from Yacht Club Games' hit franchise, Shovel Knight.

The tease from the Fall Guys Twitter account is a fairly vague one. However, there's no mistaking the sight of a gardening tool, as well as the familiar 8-bit sound effect from the Shovel Knight series.

While Fall Guys is diving more and more into content from other games, Shovel Knight is no stranger to the crossover game. Yacht Club Games' heroic knight has made multiple cameos over the years. Most recently, Yacht Club collaborated with Arby's for special physical and in-game goods that are available through Arby's Kids Meals. Shovel Knight is also one of the only indie games to feature a line of Amiibo figures.

Fall Guys hasn't been out a full year yet, but already features a slew of crossover outfits. So far, Mediatonic's breakout party battle royale game has featured outfits from Sonic the Hedgehog, Enter the Gungeon, Team Fortress 2, Doom, Cuphead, and Among Us, just to name a few. Even Mediatonic's other breakout 2020 effort, Murder by Numbers, got a special outfit, which got a special tease over the weekend. Fall Guys has become such a phenomenon that it drew the attention of Epic Games, who purchased developer Mediatonic's parent company last month.

There's no word on when the Shovel Knight content will hit Fall Guys. Season 4 for Mediatonic's battle royale is currently underway with all-new minigames and new shows being added on a regular basis, with Slime Climb Time the latest to be featured. We'll be keeping an eye on all things Fall Guys and trying not to fall along the way, so be sure to keep it on Shacknews for the latest.

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