Fall Guys' Sonic the Hedgehog skin is coming to the game's shop

It'll cost 5 crowns per top and bottom piece, so start saving your Fall Guys wins in case you have need to tell other players you gotta go fast.


Fall Guys beans are clumsy, bumbling beans that trip over themselves at every slight nudge in their constant scamper though challenges. But that doesn’t mean they can’t aspire to be as fast and nimble as a certain blue hedgehog, and soon they’ll be able to show it. Mediatonic and Sega recently revealed a crossover in which the latter’s marquee mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog, is getting a skin in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Mediatonic announced the Sega crossover and Sonic the Hedgehog skin during an official Fall Guys stream over on the Mediatonic Twitch channel on October 12, 2020. Pretty soon, a new skin featuring the style of Sega’s blue blur will be available for purchase in two pieces in the Fall Guys in-game store. It will take five crowns to get your hands on each piece, so we hope you’ve a few. Mediatonic didn’t mention whether it will be a limited-time costume, but if it’s anything like normal Fall Guys store cosmetics, something else will cycle it out before long.

Despite Fall Guys hosting a charity tournament in which brands and internet personalities could auction for a chance at getting a Fall Guys skin into the game, this still feels like the biggest profile skin entry for the game by far. Sonic is an icon of gaming after all (despite years of bad games only recently salvaged by one good fan-made game and a pretty stellar movie). Now bumbling beans bouncing about bombastically might not be quite on brand with the nimble hedgehog, but we have to admit, Fall Guys beans can dream of that agility as they shoot for the finish line.

The Fall Guys Sonic the Hedgehog skin should be available pretty shortly in the in-game store. If you gotta go fast, then get your crowns ready and keep an eye out.

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