March 17 Nintendo Indie World Direct - all games, trailers & announcements

Wow, Nintendo certainly did just announce a whole lot of fun stuff at today's Indie World Direct. Here's all the news, games and trailers.


Today's Nintendo Switch Indie World Showcase was pretty damn sweet. We have compiled an article containing all of the new games, trailers, and announcements from the event. You can also watch the Nintendo Direct VOD right here. Please take a look.

Here's a list of everything announced on the March 17, 2020 Indie World Showcase Nintendo Direct:

Blue Fire revealed by Graffiti Games and Robi Studios

Find out more about Blue Fire in our news article.

Baldo announced by Naps Team 

Baldo was announced today on the Nintendo Direct.
Baldo was announced today on the Nintendo Direct.

The game was developed by a team of two at Naps Team based in Italy and will release on Nintendo Switch this Summer. Check it out on the official Baldo eShop website.

Annapurna Interactive's I am Dead is coming to Nintendo Switch

This game seems pretty cool. Check out our I am Dead article to find out more about this story of a recently-deceased museum curator and his ghost dog as they try to save his island for certain doom. We'll be sure to keep on this game developed by Hollow Ponds and published by Annapurna Interactive.

B.ARK woofs its way onto Nintendo Switch in late 2020

They are all good dogs. All of them.

Cyanice & Happiness brings Freakpocalypse to Switch this Summer

I love their comics, so I am sure this game is going to own super hard when it drops in Summer 2020 on Switch.

Successful Kickstarter Summer in Mara jumps onto Switch this Spring

The game is heavily inspired by Wind Waker and Stardew Valley. Sign us up when Summer in Mara releases this Spring on NIntendo Switch.

Quantum League brings Time Travel FPS gameplay to Switch in late 2020

Check out our news hit to find out more about Quantum League's time-warping gameplay.

Swery's The Good Life to release on Nintendo Switch this year

Find out more about The Good Life in our news article.

Hello Games reveals new game The Last Campire is coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Just look at some of these screenshots from today's Nintendo Indie World Showcase:

This game looks great! Check out our The Last Campfire article to find out more about the latest game from the folks at Hello Games.

Q-Games announces PixelJunk Eden 2 is coming to Switch 

Get ready to groove to some solid beats when PixelJunk Eden 2 launches on Switch this Summer.

Versus Evil and Abrakam SA bring CCG Faeria to Switch

Get ready to build some decks! The game launches on Switch this month.

Fallen Flag Studio announces Eldest Souls is coming to Switch 

Described as a brutal boss rush battler, Eldest Souls launches as a timed console exclusive on Switch this Summer.

Other announcements from the March 17 Nintendo Indie World Showcase

  • Bloober Team brings Blair Witch to Switch this Summer
  • Ghost of a Tale to release this Spring on Switch
  • thatgamecompany's Sky to land on Nintendo Switch this Summer
  • Sky Racket is brings the Shmup Breaker genre to Switch today
  • Superliminal comes to Switch this Summer
  • Wingspan from Monster Couch lands on Switch in Spring
  • Dicey Dungeons to launch on Switch in 2020
  • Bounty Battle brings brawl to Switch this Summer
  • Team 17's Moving Out launches on Switch in late April

One more thing... Exit the Dungeon out now!


What fantastic news! Everybody go get your Gungeon on.

Did you see this cat in the Exit the Gungeon trailer?
Did you see this cat in the Exit the Gungeon trailer?

Nintendo announces new Indie World Twitter Page

I love the emphasis on international developers from the latest indie push by the Big N.

Well that wraps up all the news, announcements, trailers, and new games from indie developers all across the world from today's Nintendo Switch - Indie World Showcase Direct. I hope you feel caught up, but be sure to check out's frontpage to keep updated on all gaming news as it breaks.


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