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Summer in Mara coming to Nintendo Switch first in spring 2020

Summer in Mara will take players on a tropical journey on the Nintendo Switch this spring.


Players can dive into a new tropical adventure first on the Nintendo Switch when Summer in Mara releases this coming spring. Travel to the island of Mara on a beautiful adventure that centers around Koa, a young girl that must leave her home to explore the ocean and discover its secrets.

Developed by Chibig, Summer in Mara is the latest in the studio’s line-up of colorful and fantastical games. In Summer in Mara, players will take care of their own island, farm the land, and craft various tools that they need to survive the dangerous road ahead of them. You’ll also be able to hop on a boat and sail around to various islands, which gives off a bit of a Windwaker vibe given the coloring and overall look of the game.

Summer in Mara is a game about fulfilling your destiny. As Koa, players will travel the archipelago that she grew up in after she receives a letter from her grandmother. The game will feature a full day and night cycle according to the official website, and will also have over 100 quests for players to take part in. If you’re a fan of exploration and farming games, then Summer in Mara looks to fit the bill.

Those looking for more depth will also find that they can upgrade and improve the boat that Koa travels in, making it bigger, better, and faster. There are also over 20 characters awaiting you on your journey, each of which you can talk and trade with to get the items you need. As you play, Koa will have access to over 130 items that can be crafted, used, and traded. Finally, players will find that Summer in Mara makes use of a light-RPG like ability system, allowing you to unlock additional skills as you play.

For more info on Summer in Mara, keep your eyes glued right here to Shacknews. The game is set to release on Nintendo Switch this spring, and will come to PlayStation 4, Xbox one, and Steam later down the line.

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