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    After that last video about a Cablemod 90 degree adapter being fused into a 4090 and I decided to check mine, and it was 100 percent melted in there lol. I had to use a screwdriver to get it out.

    I've been following 4090 burngate since day 1 so I made extra sure to click everything in solid. The other end of the cable/adapter was totally fine

    Cablemod support replied instantly and said to RMA the card, and if Asus won't honor the RMA they'll pay for the card. Asus accepted the RMA so now I have to mail it in.

    Maybe time to fix that 12VHPWR connector.

    worth it, best video card ever.
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    By: at0micgarden
    From age 20-25 I had crippling IBS.

    My GF (now wife) at the time and I went out to a local
    bar for Valentine’s Day. We both got buffalo chicken salad. Within hours we were both hit with super bad food poisoning and it was a TERRIBLE night that I won’t ever forget.

    From that day on, I never had another IBS attack again. True story.
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    By: Bold
    Hey, that's my transcription!

    Years ago (decades ago?), on the Usenet group, I and a few bunch of other posters were taking turns transcribing Seinfeld episodes which were later uploaded to the website. I watched "The Gymnast" and wrote out the script.

    It took longer than you'd think, especially the scene where Kramer was describing Katya's Olympic gymnastics routine. I didn't know anything about gymnastics, so I had to keep rewinding it to listen to the dialogue and try to figure out what Kramer was saying, and then do Google searches (or maybe Alta Vista searches?) to see if I could figure out what gymnastics terms he was using: "nice kip, reverse hecht", etc.
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    By: Milleh
    Also, not having to deal with Windows is one of my favorite features
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    By: cruncht1me
    Yes. Robbie has an upgrade. 256 hours are tracked
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    By: AllYourBase
    Jesus christ people lol
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    By: Serpico74
    Speaking of bridges:
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    By: sikander
    MORTAL KOMBAT is clear winnar here
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    By: greenbergMD
    A good bit more than you might think.