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    By: voodooraze
    Based on this post, it was determined that your username is NOT safe for work.
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    By: redshak
    Someone is going to give you money for a used 24 year old mattress?
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    By: Serpico74
    Basically! Nobody is doing what they did with the physics and chemistry systems, and creating a map/topography that allows players to get off the leash is both time consuming and also requires a leap of faith that very few would commit to.

    Forget all of the big picture stuff, even things like basic character control and responsiveness still feels like mud in other open world games. Its all hard as hell.
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    By: sanchez
    $40 but it does include a box spring and metal frame.
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    By: Nighteyes
    How can you differentiate the feet smell from the cabin fart smell?
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    By: EvilDolemite
    Is that the recommendation from mattress companies?
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    By: shirif
    Current or former Facebook users can now file for compensation as part of the $725 million settlement reached in a lawsuit that alleged the social media company, owned by Meta, shared users’ data without their consent.

    In before some crappy joke about receiving 3.5$ and the rest going to lawyers
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    By: trelain
    Oh I'm sorry. I thought this was a gaming forum. You know ... to talk about fucking games!
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    By: braaains
    My instagram name is bludgeonedheadwound too. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy there :p
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    By: judge
    Looks pretty YA