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Killing Floor 2 sells over one million units on Steam Early Access

By Daniel Perez, Nov 11, 2016 8:30am PST

Killing Floor 2 has gone gold, and to celebrate, Tripwire has announced the game has sold over one million units on Steam Early Access alone.y


Killing Floor 2 releases swarms of Zeds on PC, PS4 in November

By Daniel Perez, Aug 12, 2016 7:52am PDT

Killing Floor 2 is just a few months from being completed, and with it, you can expect a ton of Zeds to combat.


Killing Floor 2 Is Coming To PlayStation 4

By Brittany Vincent, May 31, 2016 8:00pm PDT

Zed-killin' madness is coming to a PlayStation near you. 


Killing Floor 2 Gets Full Steam Workshop Integration

By Brittany Vincent, Mar 11, 2016 1:20pm PST

Tripwire becomes a MODel citizen by making it easy for content creators to get their content to the masses.


Killing Floor 2 getting humans vs. Zeds PvP game mode

By Daniel Perez, Mar 08, 2016 9:15am PST

Think Left 4 Dead but... well - this is essentially Left 4 Dead.


"Sounds ... interesting. But I doubt I will care for it much. Never did enjoy versus a whole lot ..."

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Killing Floor 2's Return of the Patriarch content pack runs wild on Steam today

By Daniel Perez, Dec 03, 2015 10:14am PST

Prepare yourself to go toe-to-toe with the Patriarch once again.


Killing Floor 2 Return of the Patriarch Hands-On Impressions: Gone Home

By Daniel Perez, Dec 01, 2015 6:00am PST

The Return of the Patriarch content pack is coming to Killing Floor 2, and with it comes a new boss, new perk, two new maps, and more. Will you survive it? Probably not.


"He's "new" for Killing Floor 2 players who may not have played the original, like me. :) The ..."

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Killing Floor 2 will soon support microtransactions for cosmetic-only gear

By Daniel Perez, Nov 24, 2015 6:58am PST

Get ready to see way more unique-looking characters in Killing Floor 2 once The Trading Floor is opened.


"It was my staple weapon as Berserker. There's no replacement for it."

- AxeMan808 see all 20 comments

Killing Floor 2 on PS4 will run amok at PlayStation Experience 2015

By Daniel Perez, Nov 12, 2015 8:00am PST

Prepare for a Zed invasion as Killing Floor 2 will infest this year's PlayStation Experience.


Red Orchestra 2 gets new update; free to play on Steam until Monday

By Ozzie Mejia, Oct 20, 2015 10:41am PDT

Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games are issuing a new update for 2011's Red Orchestra 2 multiplayer. To celebrate this occasion, the game (as well as Rising Storm) will be free to play on Steam until Monday.


Killing Floor 2 Demolition Survival Tips

By Steven Wong, Sep 07, 2015 10:00am PDT

Killing Floor 2's Demolitionist Perk knows how party, using tons of high explosives. But it's really easy for things to backfire, so here are tips to keep explosions facing the enemy.


Killing Floor 2 Firebug Survival Tips

By Steven Wong, Sep 04, 2015 12:00pm PDT

Killing Floor 2's Firebug perk can be a tricky one to play, but here are a few tips to maximize your survival potential. Time to roast some Zeds!


Killing Floor 2 Incinerate 'N Detonate update now available; goes free on Steam this weekend

By Daniel Perez, Sep 01, 2015 1:06pm PDT

Tripwire Interactive has launched the long-awaited Incinerate 'N Detonate free content pack for Killing Floor 2. That's not all as the studio has announced the game will be going free on Steam this weekend.


"This makes me happy in the pants. You all should give the free weekend a shot if you are on the ..."

- Wombat Woo see all 2 comments

Killing Floor 2 Incinerate 'N Detonate Hands-On Impressions: That Warm Feeling of Blood and Gore

By Steven Wong, Aug 20, 2015 10:00am PDT

Shacknews goes a few rounds with the Killing Floor 2 Incinerate 'N Detonate update. There's nothing quite like the smell of burning Zeds.


E3 2015: Rising Storm 2: Vietnam announced

By Daniel Perez, Jun 16, 2015 6:19pm PDT

Tripwire Interactive announced a Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.