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Killing Floor 2 Finally Coming to Xbox One and Xbox One X

The popular sequel will offer some exclusive content for the new version of the game.


Fans have been killing Zeds in Killing Floor 2 on PC and PlayStation 4 since late last year, with Xbox One users left to twiddle their thumbs or play something less entertaining. But developer Tripwire has heard the lamentations of those gamers and has decided to give them their own Zeds to kill, along with a few special bonuses.

In addition to the already released DLC of Tropical Bash, Descent and Summer Sideshow, Xbox One players will get a special Freezethrower weapon for the Survival perk that will spray Zeds with liquid nitrogen and freeze them in place. They can then be shattered for a bit of extra satisfaction. The Freezethrower will also come with eight different skins. The Xbox One version will also offer a cosmetic Wasteland Armor with five different skins.

With the game will support Xbox one, it is also being developed with Xbox One X in mind, complete with "4K support, increased performance, high resolution textures and shadow maps, and increased shadow-fade-out distance." The game will also support Microsoft's Mixer streaming service.

Killing Floor 2 will be coming to both Xbox One on August 29 and Xbox One X when the console launches on November 7. Both versions will sell for $39.99.

If you need a refresher on what the game is, check out this PS4 Pro interview with game director David Hensley.

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