E3 2018: TripWire's John Gibson and Bill Munk Talk Killing Floor 2 DLC

Lots of zeds out there are ripe for the killin'. 


During this year's PC Gaming Show at E3 2018, TripWire was present to chat about its most popular game, Killing Floor 2, and its upcoming DLC, Treacherous Skies. President John Gibson and game director Bill Munk were on hand to chat with us about the game and how awesomely gory it looks.

The newest addition to the popular zombie-based shooter will include circus freaks with a steampunk style to them, in addition to new weapons and weapon modifications. The Doomstick four-barrel shotgun will help you make short work of the freaks, as will the Static Striker gauntlets and new M99 sniper rifle. You'll also see Mrs. Foster added to the available character roster.

The Treacherous Skies DLC is available now, if the interview has you pumped for playing.

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