Killing Floor 2 Is Coming To PlayStation 4

Zed-killin' madness is coming to a PlayStation near you. 


Deep Silver is looking to publish the sequel to its zed-killing simulator Killing Floor 2 on PlayStation 4 later this year. If you enjoyed the gorefest on PC, you'll definitely want to give it a try when it hits PS4.

Deep Silver announced the upcoming release care of Tripwire Interactive and Iceberg Interactive for this year with additional details, though we first learned about the upcoming PS4 version back during the PlayStation Experience in 2014.

The game will feature six-player co-op or solo play, new enemies, and a whole lot of carnage. If you've never played through a Killing Floor game before, this should be an excellent addition to your repertoire of zombie-slaying games, because there are plenty of ways to dispatch the creeps and even more reasons to jump in and try it out. There are plenty of opportunities for bodies to be ripped limb from limb and strewn across the battlefield, and that's always a reason to try out a game I've never tried before in my book.

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