Killing Floor Incursion Makes VR Absolutely Horrifying

The Zed hordes should make for even more nightmares in this version of the series.


The Zed horde of Killing Floor is a bit terrifying in its own right. Putting them into a VR version of the game with Incursion is an exercise in soiled britches, nightmares and anti-anxiety meds.

In this version of Killing Floor, the beasties move from London to Paris, but you still take on the role of a Horzine Biotech soldier trying to contain the mess that your company has caused. The game is playable solo or in co-op mode, which basically means for screaming to go around.

“Bringing the Killing Floor universe to VR has enabled us to create experiences and gameplay we couldn’t have achieved in a traditional game” Project Lead Leland Scali said for the obligatory press release. 

Killing Floor Incursion is now out for Oculus VR and Oculus Touch for $39.99. Watch the trailer if you want to stay up really late tonight.

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