Killing Floor 2 Gets Full Steam Workshop Integration

Tripwire becomes a MODel citizen by making it easy for content creators to get their content to the masses.


Development on Killing Floor 2, still in Steam Early Access, continues, and the latest addition is Steam Workshop support. Killing Floor 1 was adored for its plethora of mods and skins available via the workshop and it's great to see that avenue finally opening for Killing Floor 2.

With the functionality, game servers should be able to subscribe to user generated content, and upon connecting, players will automatically download any mods or maps they didn't have before. Additionally, when modders update their mods, the mods on each server will automatically update to the latest version.

This all sounds great. I remember downloading mods for multiplayer games in the late 90's, and no one should have to experience the sheer frustration of getting kicked from a server you wanted to play on because you couldn't find the obscure version number of a certain mod. Long live Steam Workshop.

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