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[ ray tracing ] The Riftbreaker teamed up with DX12 Ultimate + a RX 6800 = fresh

Ray tracing is on the tip of everyone’s thumbs these days and in this 1st video of real time ray tracing in the WIP tile The Riftbreaker is no exception. Once you see this amazing video of the RX 6800 in action churning out RDNA 2's & DX12U real time ray tracing is going to make you want every ARPG and strategy game from here on out to get pimped with this tech. I just had Xzibit on the line and He said he's got a back log of video game tittles to be pimped out and He is juiced out of His mind!!!! Well with out further ado let's all get juiced and see these ray tracing effects in action in this dope WIP title called The Riftbreaker. StarCraft II fans and Strategy fans you might want to check this out too:

Xbox Series X: First Weekend Impressions

My Xbox Series X arrived on Friday, and I spent a bunch of time playing and messing around with it this weekend and wrote what was supposed to be a quick post with my impressions that wound up being 2000+ words. Take it all with a grain of salt.  

[ Day 1 Pics ] Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War | PC @ 1080p + Ultra & no ray tracing

Things are heating up and the video game season is at full swing, can you taste it I know I can \m/ :) \m/ . Today's screen shot show case is the one and only Next Gen Call of Duty and when I say Next Gen this is 100% legit and it looks incredible! I am running it on a 1080 Ti with the high resolution textures and it pops that is for sure. Enjoy the screen show case below.

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