Evening Reading - March 14, 2023

It's nighttime in America, which means it's time for another edition of Evening Reading!


Welcome to the end of Tuesday, Shackers. We’re about halfway through the week and about halfway through the month of March as well! We hope you’ve enjoyed our wealth of content so far in this busy season, but rest assured there’s plenty more to come! In the meantime, as we close down this fine day of posting, we’d like to leave you with another round of Evening Reading. Please enjoy.

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And now… More stuff from The Internet!!!

Tasty Tekken 8 Teasers

Love the sheer amount of beautiful looking Bruce Lee references in today’s Tekken 8 trailer featuring Marshall Law, but the death stomp with the weird faces had to be my favorite.

Scary Movies

Not everything in those movies holds up, but this stair gag was easily one of my favorite things at the time.

Even evildoers need potassium

Those bananas are exploding with flavor.

GM to do “F-Zero sh**”

To be honest, we should all be grumpy that more companies aren’t doing F-Zero sh**, including Nintendo.

Airdrop meals for the critters

Sometimes you gotta get the cows their mean anyway you can.

Pizza? Wings? Why not both?

A part of me says this looks disgusting, and another part would happily try it at least once.

Mighty Morph Ball!

I would actually slay for a Metroid in which Samus is allowed to keep her helmet off, but this animation is also silky as all heck.

And there you have it, Shackers! That’s your Evening Reading for this fine March 14. Thank you for stopping by and checking out our content. As always, you can support Shacknews for as a little as dollar a month through Mercury if you want to help keep the site ad-free. Don’t have a dollar? You don’t need one to download our free Shackpets app on iOS and Android and take part in the ultimate battle of pet cuteness! It’s there you’ll find adorable animals like my doggo Silo, AKA Flaff. If you like her pirate attire, you can also get it in the Shackpets shop alongside other sticker packs to make your pet pics even more fun!

A mini-Aussie shepherd in a pirate hat and eyepatch.
Flaff sez give her treats or walk the plank, ya scurvy Shacker!

Thanks for reading, Shackers. Hope you have a great night and a happy rest of your week.

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