Weekend Discussion - October 30, 2021

Please join me for a special edition of Weekend Discussion


Happy Saturday! Today is a very special edition of Weekend Discussion because it's my Birthday! Let's jump in.

In Case you Missed It

Lara Croft and Tomb Raider hit a big milestone this week turning 25 and there's plenty of fascinating history between the new and old entries in the series. Check out some great content from David L. Craddock's long read ASCENDANT with details about the Lara Croft origin trilogy from Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal. 

Square Enix also shared some footage from the canceled game Tomb Raider : Ascension which was going to have more horror game elements and terrifying atmosphere as a new direction for Lara. What do you think? 

Gaze upon the chaos of the internet

The world may be on fire with Facebook  Meta Memes but it's still Spooky Season. I have got to start off with a deep cut. Does anybody else remember Ray Bradbury's The Halloween Tree? This movie turned me into an emotional mess as a kid and used to air on TV pretty close to Halloween time every year but I haven't come across a ton of folks who remember it at all. This movie got dark but also showed the history of Halloween and influences based on traditions from other cultures.

Here's a clip, if you remember Pip running around with a Jack O ' Lantern containing his soul, let me know in the Chatty at the bottom of the article!

New trailer for The Witcher's 2nd season is here and I'm impressed. I think this show will be around for quite awhile. 

I want this rug so bad. 

I love alot of the custom controllers SuperLouis64 has made over the years, from programming donkey kong bongos to play Dark Souls, to beating games with a suped up Power Glove. But this one may take the cake. 

Speaking of Dark Souls and crazy controller combinations, I wanted to point out a something Steve mentioned here as well about accessibility.

Yeah I'm definitely putting my money down on Arkham Batman. That version of Bruce is savage and destroying multiple villains in one night. 

Fortnite continues to make dreams a reality. 

A kick option would have been interesting, if only to bully Yharnam residents. 

Consider this to be a PSA. And now I'm going to be slightly paranoid about my complete seres DVD boxset of Angel. 

I'm definitely a mix of 7 and 3 today. 

I know that Toni Collette from Hereditary's mix-up game from neutral must be crazy. 

A friend told me about this and now I'm definitely tempted to go. If I do, I'll totally write about the experience here! 

Trying to figure out how I never thought of a Gengar pumpkin. 

Cousin It with dreads had me crying! 

Insert the Paul Rudd Hot Ones meme here. Look at how far they've come. 

Not going to give Zuckerberg a ton of page space but this moment was disturbing. Does Mark think this is human behavior? 

The way this sound used to wake up the entire house while I was just trying to watch James and The Giant Peach in peace.

So much Zelda. 

A beautiful home with it's own Slasher? Sign me up. 

Yeah they totally killed this performance on Dancing with the Stars. If you haven't seen Jordan Peele's Us, give it a watch this Spooky Season. 

Maybe Michael Myers just needed a hug this entire time. The Shape has feelings too. 

Weekend Vibes

Today is my birthday! So you know I have to choose some solid tracks I'm vibing out to this weekend.

Papoose droppin new ish in 2021 and a Weezy collab? Christmas came early. 

There was another vid I had to include because the freshness here was just too good not to include. Enjoy. 

Loose Ones

Well this has been a special Birthday edition of Weekend Discussion. I'm off to play House of Ashes from my hotel room. See you next week!

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