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Limited Run Games interview: How it all started

This year marks the sixth anniversary of Limited Run Games. We sat down with its co-founders to reflect on their journey thus far.


Six years ago, Limited Run Games was manifested into the world and in the time that has passed since, it has made its mark on the video game market. The company has ended up producing a number of small batch physical copies of titles both big and not so big. Heck, they’ve even made physical copies of our beloved Quake!

With so much to reflect upon, it seemed like the perfect time to sit down with Limited Run Games co-founders Douglas Bogart and Josh Fairhurst to discuss their six year-long journey thus far. In our latest interview, myself and my esteemed colleague Greg Burke talk to the pair about their humble beginnings as indie devs looking to preserve their own work, to becoming the physical publishing powerhouse they are today. We also discuss some of the challenges they’ve faced in legitimizing Limited Run Games in the early days. You can catch the whole interview below to get all the intricate details.

Limited Run Games is constantly publishing new titles and has fresh games for sale just about every Friday. They’ve also recently got into the Pog racket. Yes, the milk cap Pogs you might remember from the 90s if you’re old enough. You can keep tabs on everything Limited Run Games is doing, or pick up a few of LRG's latest releases for your collection over on their official website. And for all of our latest interviews, gameplay videos, unboxings and more be sure to check out our Gamerhub TV and Shacknews YouTube channels.

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