The Cartridge Family 099 – All Aboard the Final Fantasy VII Remake Train to Midgar

Square Enix delivers the long-awaited FF7 remaster, John plays Animal Crossing after dark, and Buffa is buried in zombie guts.


No offense to the new and shiny Resident Evil 3 Remake, but no remaster was more highly anticipated than Final Fantasy 7. The teasers. The delays. The first world agony. Fans endured, and Square Enix finally delivered this gorgeous video game that Joe intends to lose his entire weekend to, certain review scores (from websites we won’t name) be damned. Standing in his way? Only his loving wife and child.

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Moving over to John, he’s still into Animal Crossing but his nighttime play sessions don’t allow him to enjoy the full experience. Everything of importance is closed, he’s catching the same fish, and many of his neighbors are asleep. Hopefully he gets a bit of time this weekend to play during a normal hour.

As for Buffa, it’s Resident Evil 3 Remake all the time! With the gym closed, he’s enjoying RE3 in bite-sized chunks every day from 8:15AM to 9:00AM, but with roughly 5 hours of playtime to see this zombie masher to its bloody end, he’s not ready to say goodbye so soon. The plan? Go through Raccoon City all over again, but with end game unlocks.

The Family concludes this episode with their thoughts on Sony’s controversial PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, and John delivers the beatdown. Up next, the celebrational 100th Cartridge Family episode!

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