Stardew Valley is introducing bananas with its next update

Gwen Stefani wants to try out Stardew Valley now, because this update is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S...get it?


If you've been spending all your days in Animal Crossing, you've probably been overlooking your poor farm in Stardew Valley. Now, you're definitely going to want to go back and spend some time there,

There's a new, free update coming to Stardew Valley, and it's bringing a new item type with it: banana trees! Feel free to go ape now. Everyone will totally understand your excitement. But why banana trees? Oh, that's an easy one.

On April 7, Eric Barone (ConcernedApe himself) posted a Twitter poll to find out what fruit trees players wouldd most like to see in their game out of banana, mango, passion fruit, and avocado. At the end of the poll a day later, bananas won out. Now, bananas will be coming to Stardew Valley update 1.5. In case you're wondering, mangos were a close second.

Now that there's new fruit coming to the game, that means there are plenty of other cool new things to be found as well. You'll be able to use bananas to make fun stuff – who knows what? That's yet to be seen, but we'll surely be watching to see what Barone adds to the game in the coming days.

What kind of fun stuff do you want to make with the new bananas in-game? And, real talk, are you spending any time in Stardew Valley lately or are you strictly into Animal Crossing? This is a safe place, so you can tell us. 

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