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Like a hurricane: A DuckTales timeline

Yesterday, it was announced that Disney would reboot the beloved 80s animated series DuckTales for Disney XD in 2017. To commemorate this news, Shacknews is taking a look back at DuckTales' video game history, from the 1989 NES classic all the way to some of Scrooge's memorable cameos.

Wonder Momo coming from WayForward

DuckTales Remastered developer WayForward has announced that it is working on a reboot of Wonder Momo, an arcade beat-em-up that never came to the states.

Double Dragon: Neon coming to PC

Though the '80s are so passé now--it's all about the '90s--a year or two back they were the decade to gaze nostalgically at. Hotline Miami and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon were celebrated for their retro chic, but WayForward's poor Double Dragon: Neon failed to make much of an impact. It's getting a second crack, though, as publisher Majesco has announced a PC release coming soon.