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State of Decay Lifeline DLC stars dwindling army unit

State of Decay showed how regular folk might fare in the zombie apocalypse, scraping together what little they can and slowly gaining each other's trust. But what about a military unit, armed with such fancy equipment yet burdened with so much more responsibility? The new DLC 'Lifeline' will tackle that question, developer Undead Labs has revealed.

State of Decay MMO hinted as ArenaNet co-founder joins studio

Undead Labs had planned all along for State of Decay to be a stepping stone to a zombie apocalypse MMORPG, and it seems to be getting closer. The developer today announced it's hired Patrick Wyatt, a veteran of Blizzard, a co-founder of Guild Wars dev ArenaNet, and a founding member of Tera publisher En Masse. What he's working on, and what Undead Labs' recent multi-game deal with Microsoft means, is a secret, but, well, look, he's hinting pretty hard that it's an MMO.