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Hearts of Iron IV announced; toning down learning curve

Hearts of Iron was one of the first games Paradox made, and it's been, ho ho, close to its heart ever since. Having released three expansions for Hearts of Iron III, Paradox today finally announced Hearts of Iron IV. While the WW2 grand strategy series will still be complex as all heck, this time Paradox plans to make the learning curve less terrifying.

Paradox announces top-down RPG Runemaster

Games like Magicka and Crusader Kings II have turned Paradox Interactive's reputation around in recent years, cementing it as a fine part of PC gaming. Now its internal development studio is having a crack at the good old-fashioned RPG in Runemaster, a newly-announced adventure set in the worlds of Norse mythology.

Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise expansion announced

Paradox's publishing plan is pretty clear by now--release an unapologetically PC-y game, then follow up with oodles of expansions and DLC--so it was never a question of if Europa Universalis IV would get an expansion, but when. December 11 is the answer, when Conquest of Paradise will let you discover, explore, plunder, and murder the New World.

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