Victoria 3 announced at PDXCON Remixed

More than a decade after the last game in the series, Victoria 3 has been revealed at PDXCON Remixed.


It's been more than ten years since the last Victoria game released. Since then, Paradox Interactive has heard the repeated calls for a new entry to the strategy series. On Friday, those calls were answered. During the PDXCON Remixed event, Paradox officially revealed Victoria 3.

Victoria 3 is a historical strategy game that will take players from 1836 through 1936, exploring the Industrial Revolution and other periods of great change across more than 100 different nations. While the game will cover a 100 year period, each day will be divided into pieces in order to help prolong play time.

Annexation will be one of the main focuses of Victoria 3. Players will manage their workforce, which is comprised of the various people within their country's population. As the game goes on, they'll progress through three different technology trees: Production, Military, and Society. Production will focus on inventions of the era, such as concrete, nitro glycerine, and more, each with their own advantages and downside. Military will focus on armies and navies, which includes military statistics, line infantry, and doctrines. The Society tree will build on ideas, including laws, finances, administration, macroeconomics, human rights, and even abstract ideas, like anarchism and socialism. Many of the Society tree's selections will have their own positive and negative effects.

While growing your nation's borders will be a big priority, players will also need to focus heavily on keeping things tidy within their own walls. Players will have to cultivate their own culture by keeping it educated, keeping everyone productive, keeping the economy strong, and listening and following through with the population's wants and desires. Those who do not keep their populaces satisfied may face backlash and eventual revolution.

Diplomacy will be the main name of the game in Victoria 3. Winning through strong arm military conflict is possible, but Paradox is challenging players to maintain relations with neighbors or make deals where it benefits them. Of course, the option is there to provoke a crisis if that's more what players are into.

There's a lot coming in Victoria 3 and Paradox Development Studio will offer more details in the months ahead. There is no release date for Victoria 3, but look for it to come to PC in the future. There have been a lot of announcements today from Paradox Interactive, so be sure to catch up with everything revealed during Friday's PDXCON Remixed event. You can also catch other Paradox content throughout the weekend on the publisher's Twitch channel.

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