Evening Reading - January 3, 2023

It's nighttime in America, which means it's time for another round of Evening Reading.


Welcome to 2023 and the latest big year for Shacknews, friendos. We’re back and firing on all cylinders today. The news is flowing, the content machine is spinning, and we’ve got a dynamite year of games and fun ahead of us. That said, our first day back is in the bag. We’re coming to the end of this fine Tuesday, and that means it’s time for another round of Evening Reading. Join us and enjoy, won’t you?

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And now… More stuff from The Internet!

Training… and bowling!

As is usually the case, Goro Daimon is correct. Thank you for the wisdom, SNK’s best Judo dad.

Nostalgic yahoos

McDonald’s had some pretty great Happy Meal displays back in the day. Wish I’d seen this one when it came out.

Forbidden sea appliances

This thing would be right at home in a Metroid game. What a wild set of features. Especially the ballooning vacuum head.

Force of habit

It would be less concerning if groups like Square Enix and Electronic Arts were interested in NFTs and it didn’t seem entirely like a scummy way to make money.

More Evil Dead!!!

Of course, it got the Bruce Campbell seal of approval. Scariest of the franchise? Hmm… Still, Evil Dead Rise looks good.

The game TV show to end all game TV shows

Seriously, I know it’s their job to rep the series, but it also just kind of feels like the Last of Us showrunner hasn’t played a game in decades. Fine and all, but the bravado is a weird choice.

Die schweine

Not gonna lie, I’d happily drape the piggle family tapestry on my wall or over my favorite chair.

And there you have it, Shackers. That’s your Evening Reading for this opening act of January 3. We’re happy to be back and can’t wait to show you what we have in store. In the meantime, you can support the Shacknews website for as little as a dollar a month through Mercury. It really helps us out a lot. Don’t have a dollar? All you need is a phone to take part in Shackpets! It’s the ultimate battle for pet cuteness for free on iOS and Android. We’re updating frequently and you can find and vote on lovely critters like my sweet little Silo, AKA Flaff.

A mini-Aussie shepherd laying in a bed.
Flaff would very much appreciate your votes on Shackpets, please.

Thanks for tuning in. How’s your week going? Ready for 2023? Any big plans? Sound off in the Shacknews Chatty section below!

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