Elden Ring map

The full and complete Elden Ring map, including all underground areas and optional locations.


The Elden Ring map is vast and full of secrets. Even the hand-draw depiction of the Lands Between is worth looking at closely, as it has all kinds of hints as to what you might find. If you’re away from the game (or even if you’re currently playing), inspecting a full and complete map can help you work out where to go next. Below you’ll find the entire Elden Ring map, including the complete map of the underground areas and the secret optional locations.

If you’re having trouble uncovering the map yourself, check out our map fragment location guide to help you fill in your parchment.

Full Elden Ring map

elden ring map

The full Elden Ring map is split into roughly 10 main areas. Though the game can be completed without visiting them all, it is worth taking the time to explore as it will yield Smithing Stones and other valuable upgrades, like Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears.

Limgrave map

elden ring limgrave map

Limgrave is split into two distinct areas, Limgrave proper and the Mistwoods, which lies to the east.

Liurnia of the Lakes map

elden ring liurnia of the lakes map

Liurnia of the Lakes is the large strip of land and water up the western side of the world. The highest point is in the Moonlight Altar, an area accessible by progressing through Ranni’s questline.

Caelid map

elden ring caelid map

Caelid is the reddish territory to the east, an area that is accessible early in the game but more suited for mid- to late-game play.

Altus Plateau map

elden ring altus plateau map

Altus Plateau is a sort of no man’s land between the areas that lead to the royal capital.

Leyndell, Royal Capital map

elden ring leyndell royal capital map

Leyndell, Royal Capital is the main focus of Elden Ring, a place you will visit countless times. This is also where you can start the Dung Eater questline.

Mt. Gelmir map

elden ring mt gelmir map

Mt. Gelmir is a twisting and turning area that can be difficult to navigate. Players can be transported here early or find their way here after reaching the Altus Plateau.

Mountaintops of the Giants map

mountaintops of the giants map

The Mountaintops of the Giants is one of the last main areas in the game and one with few fast travel points. Make sure you take the time to unlock the Heretical Rise tower while you’re here.

Crumbling Farum Azula map

elden ring crumbling farum azula map

By the time you’ve reached the Crumbling Farum Azula you’ll be right near the end of the game. This is basically a run to the finish, but take your time exploring so you can fully upgrade your weapons.

Consecrated Snowfield map

elden ring consecrated snowfield map

The Consecrated Snowfield is an optional area that is only accessed via the Grand Lift of Rold if you’ve got the secret medallions.

Miquella’s Haligtree map

elden ring miquella's haligtree map

If you’ve made your way through the Consecrated Snowfield, you’ll reach Miquella’s Haligtree, home to one of the most notorious bosses in Elden Ring.

Siofra River map

elden ring siofra river map

Siofra River is one of the first underground areas you’re likely going to find in Elden Ring. This area is also home to Mohgwyn Palace, though that location is accessible later on or through Varre’s questline.

Ainsel River map

elden ring ainsel river map

Ainsel River is a dark and cavernous location that will take a while to fully explore. It is also home to the Lake of Rot.

Deeproot Depths map

elden ring deeproot depths map

Finally, the Deeproot Depths could very well be the last underground location you fully explore in Elden Ring. This is where you will reach the end of Fia’s questline.

There is plenty to discover by looking at the Elden Ring map. Even minor details that are drawn on the parchment might hold a secret to discover. Make sure you bookmark this page and refer to it when you’re exploring or away from the game. For more help navigating the Lands Between, head over to the Shacknews Elden Ring strategy guide.

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