Varre questline - Elden Ring

Complete Varre's questline in Elden Ring to access all areas of the map and learn more about the Lord of Blood.


The Varre questline in Elden Ring will take you to some pretty far-flung locations. If you’re looking to explore the map, unlock some neat Blood-related items, and otherwise face all of the bosses, you’re going to want to track down Varre. Be prepared for a fight, though, as Varre’s storyline involves a bit of PVP action.

Varre questline

Varre is one of the first characters you can meet in Elden Ring. This man is draped in white garb and is found immediately after exiting the Stranded Graveyard and reaching Limgrave for the first time. His questline requires you to invade the world of other players, which means you must be playing online.


elden ring varre questline

Varre’s quest begins when you exit the Stranded Graveyard. Rest at the First Step Site of Grace and speak to him to learn more about the Lands Between. He will direct you on your mission to defeat Godrick the Grafted, the main boss of Castle Stormveil.

Continue on your journey in Elden Ring, being sure to defeat Margitt, the Fell Omen and Godrick the Grafted. Once you defeat Godrick and charge his Great Rune at the Divine Tower in Limgrave, you can speak with Varre again at the First Step.

When speaking with Varre, choose the option, “I’ll fly straight and true!” to progress Varre’s story. This step may or may not be skipped if you’ve already gone to the Roundtable Hold and spoken with the Finger Reader.

In the event you’ve yet to return to the Roundtable Hold, do so now. Go and speak with the Finger Reader to hear more about your journey to become Elden Lord.

From here, return to the First Step Site of Grace will reveal a message on the ground, telling you to seek Varre at the Rose Church.

Rose Church – Liurnia of the Lakes

elden ring varre quest rose church

Varre will now be at the Rose Church in Liurnia of the Lakes. This church is located in the west side of the area. Approach the church, speak with Varre, and select the option: “They didn’t seem right!” This choice will progress Varre’s questline.

Varre should now offer you three Festering Bloody Fingers. You must use all three to invade other players. You do not have to win the invasions. After completing three invasions, return to Varre at the Rose Church and speak with him.

When speaking with Varre again, select the option, “Anoint me.” This option will see Varre offer you the Lord of Blood’s Favor. You will be directed to soak it with the blood of a maiden.

Where to find a maiden

Being maidenless in Elden Ring poses its own challenge, and now you must not only find a maiden for Varre’s questline, but get some of her blood. The good news is that there are two places where you can get maidens’ blood for Varre.

Church of Inhibition

elden ring varre maidens blood
The Church of Inhibition is located in the northeast of Liurnia of the Lakes. It is only accessible from the Grand Lift.

The Church of Inhibition is located in the northeast of Liurnia of the Lakes. This church stands atop a hill overlooking a village that has succumbed to the Frenzied Flame. The only way to access this church is to start at the Grand Lift, go south, and fight up through the Frenzied Flame region. The maiden is inside the church, to the left of the statue.

Chapel of Anticipation

elden ring varre maidens blood four belfries
Use the eastern teleporter at The Four Belfries to transport to the Chapel of Anticipation.

Alternatively, another maiden can be found at the Chapel of Anticipation, which is the very first area in Elden Ring. To get here, you must visit the Four Belfries to the northwest of Liurnia of the Lakes. You will find four towers here and a special Imbued Sword Key at the top of the hill. Use this key to activate the teleporter located at the easternmost tower. The message on the ground near it will read, Precipice of Anticipation.

When you reach the Chapel of Anticipation, you will need to fight a Grafted Scion. Continue across the wooden bridge and into the chapel. The maiden can be found against the wall. Interact with the maiden to collect the maiden blood.

Mohgwyn Palace

elden ring pureblood knights medal

Return to Varre with the now-soaked Lord of Blood’s Favor. Speaking with Varre will reward you with the Bloody Finger. Continue speaking with Varre to receive the Pureblood Knight’s Medal. This is a consumable item you can find under the Tools section in your Inventory. Even though the item reads, “Use to be granted audience with Mohg. Only, it is not yet time” You are free to use this item immediately. Confirm that you want to go to the audience grounds.

When you use the Pureblood Knight’s Medal, you will be transported to Mohgwyn Palace, where you can find all sorts of fantastic gear like the Swarm of Flies Incantation and the White Mask from the Nameless White Mask invaders. However, you’re here to continue Varre’s questline.

elden ring varre mohgwyn palace
To reach Varre, fight up the stairs and through a darkened cavern to reach another Site of Grace.

At this point, the only thing left to do is invade and defeat Varre. The invasion sign for Varre is found in the hallway to the west of the Mausoleum Dynasty Midpoint Site of Grace. To reach this location, from the place you spawn, go up the stairs and work your way along the cliff. Fight or run past the shambling zombies, defeat or jump over the giant blood clot, and go inside the darkened cavern.

Once inside the cavern, fight through it or run past the enemies. Be warned that sticking to the left-hand side will let you find a merchant but several strong enemies will spawn from pools of blood. It's best to stick to the right-hand side. Run up the stairs in the cavern and through the hallway to find another Site of Grace. The invasion sign will be on the ground in the hallway.

After defeating Varre, you will receive some consumable items but more importantly, Varre’s Bouquet.

With Varre’s questline complete in Elden Ring, you should now be one step closer to fully uncovering the entire map. You’ll also be able to discover information about the Lord of Blood and report back to Gideon. Check out our Elden Ring strategy guide for even more questline walkthroughs.

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