Sacred Tear locations - Elden Ring

Find all the Sacred Tears in Elden Ring and upgrade the potency of your Sacred Flask.


Sacred Tears are one of the other important Sacred Flask items to find in Elden Ring. These tears are used to increase the potency of your Sacred Flask, allowing it to heal more or refill your Focus meter further. Grabbing a few of these in the early game will help you keep your health topped up and in fights.

Sacred Tear locations

elden ring sacred tear

There are several Sacred Tears to find scattered across the world in Elden Ring. These tears are one of the two items needed to upgrade your Sacred Flask, the other being Golden Seeds. Sacred Tears are always found in the same place: churches. As you’re exploring, always look for the ruins of churches as they will contain a Sacred Tear and probably even a vendor.

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Limgrave, East – Third Church of Marika

elden ring sacred tear limgrave

This will likely be the first Sacred Tear you find, in Mistwood which is technically the eastern side of Limgrave. Search the Third Church of Marika for the tear, along with the Flask of Wondrous Physick.

Liurnia, East – Church of Irith

elden ring sacred tear liurnia

Unless you venture south to the Weeping Peninsula, this will be the second Sacred Tear you locate. After you defeat Godrick the Grafted, continue along the main path and into Liurnia of the Lake. Along the eastern side will be the Church of Irith, containing the tear and a new sorcerer vendor.

Liurnia, North – Bellum Church

elden ring sacred tear liurnia

Deeper into Liurnia of the Lake is the Bellum Church. This church is only accessible if you’ve found the Academy Glintstone Key as part of the main quest (or somehow circumvented this and approached from the north). Use the seal on the bridge at the Main Academy Gate and approach the church to find the Sacred Tear.

Weeping Peninsula – Callu Baptismal Church

elden ring sacred tear weeping peninsula

It can be a good idea to venture into the Weeping Peninsula prior to tackling Liurnia of the Lake. This area has three churches, all of which have Sacred Tears. The first will be the Callu Baptismal Church, found right in the center of the area. You can work your way down south and once you reach the wall, wrap west and circle up to the church.

Weeping Peninsula – Church of Pilgrimage

The next Sacred Tear in the Weeping Peninsula is at the Church of Pilgrimage in the north. This can be accessed via a bridge that spans the center of the area. The church itself is overlooking Limgrave and the Cathedral of Dragon Communion.

Weeping Peninsula – Fourth Church of Marika

The last Sacred Tear in the Weeping Peninsula is at the Fourth Church of Marika in the west.

Caelid – Church of the Plague

This Sacred Tear is inside the Church of the Plague in Caelid, within Sellia, Town of Sorcery. You must solve the town’s secret, which will unlock a magical barrier in the back of the town (toward the north). Work your way up the winding path to reach the church, which is where you’ll also find an NPC.

Finding all of the Sacred Tears is going to take a bit of time. To make it a bit easier, make sure you find all the map fragments so you’ve got a clear idea of where to go. For more help, check out our Elden Ring strategy guide for guides and other tips.

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