How to upgrade the Sacred Flask - Elden Ring

Increase how many charges the Sacred Flask contains and how much it refills your HP and FP in Elden Ring.


Elden Ring gives players a Sacred Flask right at the start of the game. Those familiar with the Soulsborne titles will know immediately what this is for: healing you and refilling your FP meter. One thing that may cause players to pause is how to upgrade the Sacred Flask to give it more charges and how to make it heal for more (or give more Focus).

How to upgrade the Sacred Flask

elden ring upgrade sacred flask

The Sacred Flask is one of two primary drink containers in Elden Ring, the other being the Flask of Wondrous Physick. As for the Sacred Flask, it can only be upgraded at Sites of Grace using the Flasks menu. Here you can do a variety of actions:

  • Add charge to flask
  • Increase amount replenished by flasks
  • Allocate flask charges

The first option allows you to use the flask more often before it runs out of power. At the start of the game you will have four sacred flasks: three Flasks of Crimson Tears and one Flask of Cerulean Tears. By using the “Add charge to flask” option you can use Golden Seeds to increase this number.

You will need an increasing number of Golden Seeds in order to increase the number of charges you have. For example, by the time you have 10 charges, you will need to be using 4 Golden Seeds.

The second option allows you to boost how effective the flasks are. This will make the Flask of Crimson Tears heal more HP and the Flask of Cerulean Tears refill your Focus (FP) meter more (this is the meter responsible for magic, skills, and spirit usage). You will need to have Sacred Tears to use this option.

The final option lets you choose how many of each type you have. Sorcerers will want to have a few Cerulean Tears to give them more FP during long fights while pure-melee builds will probably want to only have Crimson Tears.

How to find Golden Seeds

elden ring upgrade flask golden seed

Knowing how to upgrade the Sacred Flask is all good and well, but now you actually need to find the resources to do so. We have a guide on the Golden Seed locations if you want to find them all. However, the main key is to find the small golden trees in each area.

These golden trees are ethereal plants that will always have a Golden Seed at their base. Some trees even have a few seeds for you to pick up. Whenever you enter a new location, take a moment to ride around, find the map of the area, and track down any seeds.

How to find Sacred Tears

elden ring upgrade flask sacred tears

The other item you need to upgrade your Sacred Flask is Sacred Tears. These are only found in churches and chapels dotted around the map. Go inside the church and look for the Sacred Tear right below the statue. Check out our guide on all Sacred Tear locations if you’re having trouble finding them.

Upgrading the Sacred Flask is absolutely vital for survival. This mechanic is available at any Site of Grace, but you will need to ensure you have the required Golden Seeds or Sacred Tears to improve the flask. Stop by the Shacknews Elden Ring strategy guide for more tips to help your journey.

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