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If you're looking for help with obtaining gear, finding collectibles, or anything else in Horizon Forbidden West, we've got you covered with this strategy guide.


Horizon Forbidden West is an open world game from developer Guerrilla Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was released on PS4 and PS5 on February 18, 2022. The following strategy guide will act as a hub to navigate through all of Shacknews’ coverage of Horizon Forbidden West. This will include our review, features, and guide content. It will be updated often to ensure that content is current and useful as you play through the game.

Horizon Forbidden West guides

Horizon Forbidden West Walkthrough Strategy Guide

Below you'll find a table of contents with links to each of our Horizon Forbidden West guides. This will be split into sections for "how to" content, general information, and even collectibles. Click the link in the left column to visit the guide of your choice.

Horizon Forbidden West guides
Guide Description
General information
Controller button layout & mapping Full guide on all the controls and how to use button mapping
Voice actors & cast list Main characters and cast list for Horizon Forbidden West
How long to beat Horizon Forbidden West? How many hours it will take you to beat the main story in Horizon Forbidden West
How to guides
How to save your game How to create a manual save file, and how auto saves work
How to fast travel Learn how to fast travel for free, and how Fast Travel Packs work
How to open Metal Flowers Here's how you can open Metal Flowers blocking your path
How to handle a Blocked Path If you find a blocked path, here's what you're missing to bypass it
How to get the Shieldwing - Horizon Forbidden West How to get the Shieldwing item that lets Aloy glide aroung the map
How to get the Diving Mask - Horizon Forbidden West How to get the Diving Mask, which helps Aloy stay under water longer

Horizon Forbidden West review

If you’d like to know my thoughts after more than 70 hours on the path with Aloy, you can do so by reading my Horizon Forbidden West review. I played the game on a PS5 with a 55” 4K display, spending most of my time in Performance mode. Even if you’ve already purchased the game, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my review. Check it out and leave a comment. If you’d rather watch a YouTube video instead of reading, it’s embedded just above.

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