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How to get the Diving Mask - Horizon Forbidden West

If you're going for a swim beneath the surface of Horizon Forbidden West's waters, here's how to get the Diving Mask.


Horizon Forbidden West took Aloy’s adventures in a vertical direction. With the help of new gadgets, Aloy can now explore beneath the surface of the game’s waters or soar through its skies. In this guide, I’m going to tell you how to get the Diving Mask so that you can go for a long swim underwater and not have to worry about the inconvenience of drowning.

How to get the Diving Mask

Diving Mask Horizon Forbidden West

The Diving Mask is obtained through main story progression. It cannot be missed by anyone who follows the main quests. If that’s enough to satisfy your curiosity on how it’s obtained, you can safely leave this guide without having anything beyond that revealed to you. The Diving Mask is in your future, just keep playing. However, if you want to know exactly when you get the Diving Mask, I’ll explain it below. This is your last chance to back out before I start revealing quest names, levels, and timing.

Spoilers Ahead

The Diving Mask is acquired during a main quest called The Sea of Sands. It’s a Level 22 quest that appears at about the halfway point of the game. Players will not be able to miss this. It’s the quest where Aloy must track down Poseidon and bring it back to GAIA. It’s the quest that takes place in Las Vegas, or what used to be Las Vegas. You really can’t miss it, and it’s first available when GAIA tasks Aloy with tracking down Minerva, Demeter, and Poseidon. You can tackle those three quests in any order you please, so you can slightly accelerate when you get the Diving Mask if you’re really itching for it.

Now that you know how to get the Diving Mask, be sure to check out our Horizon Forbidden West strategy guide. We’ve got an extensive collection of guides to help you with whatever hiccups you encounter along the path.

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