EA says its future includes 'collectible digital content' like NFTs on Q2 2022 conference call

During a question in which EA was asked about 'play-to-earn' content, it answered that 'collectible digital content' is part of the company's future.


As we continue into a new era of gaming, one major trend that has become part of it is the intersection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and concepts like play-to-earn and win-to-earn. Several developers have already worked to incorporate NFT concepts into upcoming game development strategies and EA (no strangers to microtransactions) hasn’t been unaware of the trend. When directly asked about whether or not it might incorporate NFT aspects like play-to-earn into its games in the future, EA answered that “collectible digital content” was a definite part of its evolving strategies.

This answer was delivered during Electronic Arts’ Q2 2022 conference call on November 3, 2021. During the later-end Q&A section of Electronic Arts’ conference call, the company was asked about its opinion on the matter of “play-to-earn” and whether or not this aspect could play a part in EA games. Play-to-earn is a system closely related to NFTs and their integration into gaming, as seen in recently announced gaming projects like MetalCore. Not only that, EA specifically answered that “collectible digital content is going to play a meaningful part in [EA’s] future.”

Electronic Arts is no stranger to special collectible microtransactions, as found in its cards in Madden and FIFA Ultimate Team modes, but it's also open to further implementation of
Electronic Arts is no stranger to collectible microtransactions, as found in Madden and FIFA Ultimate Team modes, but it's also open to further implementation of NFT-adjacent "play-to-earn" and "collectible digital content" in its games.

“Collectible digital content” is another concept closely related to NFTs, with the very concept of NFTs being a sort of digital media that can be personally claimed through blockchain digital receipts of authenticity. Where we may very well be used to NFTs in terms of online media like Lil Nas X TikTok clips, famous YouTube videos, and Dogecoin memes being traded, NFTs are also starting to leak into games in the form of NFT content like the Pinhead assets for Dead by Daylight, which may grant users access to the Hellraiser chapter content in-game.

In this regard, Electronic Arts claimed it sees more value in “collectible digital content” that has some form of utility. It specified that it would want whatever form this pursuit takes to have value beyond collection in its games, likely similar to Madden and FIFA Ultimate Team cards. At the same time, given EA’s history with microtransactions of this sort, it should come as little surprise that the company is interested in exploring NFT-adjacent concepts. It will remain to be seen what form this takes, but given the company’s answer on the call today, it feels like an EA in-game NFT isn’t far off in the publisher’s future.

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