MetalCore is an upcoming 'NFT-powered' free-to-play mech game

The MetalCore Foundation and Studio 369 have put together a first-person mech shooter built around an NFT economy.


As cryptocurrency and, by extension, NFTs continue to be crazes in the tech space, so too are some game developers and publishers working to capitalize on the unique opportunities presented by said crazes. MetalCore, for instance, is a first-person mech shooter coming in 2022 that will not only be a free-to-play experience with PVE and up to 50 vs 50 PVP combat. It will also feature most of its content as NFTs tradeable throughout its own economy and playerbase.

The MetalCore Foundation and Studio 369 unveiled MetalCore with a debut trailer on November 2, 2021. Set to open its doors to players for the first time in 2022 with a selective alpha test, MetalCore is a free-to-play mech shooter built around an NFT economy. Pilots, mechs, gear, and other concepts of the game will be available as NFTs for players to own and trade as they play the game in what MetalCore Foundation describes as “Play2Earn” and “Win2Earn” settings. Meanwhile, its first NFTs will be available for pre-sale in January 2022, coinciding with the aforementioned alpha test.

MetalCore isn’t the first time we’ve see NFTs incorporated into games, but it is one of the first times we’ve seen a PVP free-to-play game powered by and built around an NFT economy. It was fairly recently that Dead by Daylight and Boss Protocol unveiled NFTs for the Hellraiser content in Dead by Daylight, licensed by Boss Team Games who owns the rights for Hellraiser in video games. In that case, purchase of the NFTs could grant players access to the Hellraiser content in DBD, though Boss Protocol promised that more Hellraiser game NFTs were on the way.

MetalCore seems uniquely built around its NFT economy where every pilot, mech, weapon, and blueprint is an NFT for players to own. It remains to be seen how that economy plays out, but we’re also interested to see what the gameplay looks like. Stay tuned for more details and reveals or check out the MetalCore website leading up to its 2022 alpha testing.

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