Dead by Daylight's Pinhead in-game model is being sold as a confusing NFT series

The 'ownership' of a Dead by Daylight Pinhead NFT sounds even more weird than usual NFT transactions and players aren't into it.


Dead by Daylight is full of iconic characters and Behaviour Interactive has done quite well to provide what players want in terms of new additions to the game. However, the latest might be one of the more questionable additions to the Dead by Daylight universe yet. Hellraiser’s Pinhead is already in the game as a much beloved killer among the community and fans, but you really don’t own it just because you bought the killer (of course you don’t). Now, Behaviour Interactive and Boss Protocol are offering non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of the Pinhead in-game model in Dead by Daylight.

This NFT collection was announced earlier in October alongside a small FAQ by Boss Protocol. Essentially, Behaviour Interactive and Boss Protocol (close to, but not the same as Boss Team Games which handles video game rights for Pinhead and Hellraiser) are offering a collection of Pinhead NFTs that give buyers digital receipts of ownership of instances of the Dead by Daylight Pinhead model. Moreover, there’s a chance to that ownership of the NFT could net you access to the Dead by Daylight Hellraiser content. Mind you, a chance. Not guaranteed.

There’s all sorts of questions about this one. Boss Protocol mentions that ownership of this NFT could grant access to further Hellraiser content in Dead by Daylight and other games, as well as further NFTs - one of the Lament Configuration Box was mentioned. Still, it’s a weird setup. Players aren’t thrilled that Hellraiser content could be gated behind an NFT at all, and it’s more than a little weird that you only have a chance of having access to said content by getting in on the NFT.

In a time when there are all sorts of questions and confusion about NFTs and their validity, not to mention a lot of scams taking advantage of that confusion, we have a clear explanation of what they are. Nonetheless, it hasn’t kept Steam from banning them or a former Dead by Daylight programmer from expressing disappointment in his former studio’s action. Stay tuned as we continue to follow this story for further updates.

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