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Learn the best way to unlock Exit Strategy, an SMG Ritual weapon added to Destiny 2 with the release of Shadowkeep.


Exit Strategy is a new Kinetic Submachine Gun Ritual weapon added to Destiny 2 with Shadowkeep in Season of the Undying. As a quest offered up by the Drifter, Clean Getaway will have you diving into Gambit to get a whole lot of SMG kills. There are a few strategies you can employ so you can exit out of Gambit faster and get back to Crucible.

Clean Getaway

Destiny 2 Clean Getaway quest Exit Strategy
Clean Getaway is the quest you will need to collect from The Drifter in order to get Exit Strategy.

Unlocking Exit Strategy requires the completion of the quest, Clean Getaway. The first part of this quest is called Ghosting and it requires playing a lot of Gambit. You will need to complete the following, all in Gambit modes:

  • 5,400 Points earned
  • 125 Medals earned
  • 150 SMG Multikills

Once these steps are completed, return to the Drifter to claim your new Exit Strategy SMG. This is one of the new Ritual weapons, a class of weapon that replaces the Pinnacle weapons from previous seasons.

How to get Exit Strategy

There are a few things you can do to actually speed up the acquisition of Exit Strategy. The first thing you will no doubt want to do is select an SMG you feel comfortable using. We’ve got a list of viable Submachine Guns below.

destiny 2 exit strategy gambit
Expect to play a lot of Gambit to unlock Exit Strategy.

The next thing you will want to do is familiarize yourself with the Gambit medals. You will need to earn 125 of them, so focus on the medals you think you’ll be able to easily earn. It’s worth noting you can also earn these in Gambit Prime, which feels a bit easier.

You’ll also need to get a lot of multikills with an SMG. This sort of ties in to what SMG to use, but really your main goal should be to clean up rank and file enemies. Don’t bother with the stronger, yellow-bar enemies. Sweep through the areas, getting a few kills, then stop shooting to let Destiny 2 register it as a multikill. Then get back to shooting aliens.

What Submachine Gun to use

The Submachine Gun you opt to use to get Exit Strategy is going to be entirely personal preference. In saying this, we do have a few recommendations that could make the process a bit easier.

destiny 2 the huckleberry
The Huckleberry is a brilliant SMG made even better with its Exotic Catalyst.

The Huckleberry is a very good Exotic weapon, especially if you’ve managed to unlock the Exotic Catalyst. Any kills you earn with it (with the Catalyst active) will fully refill the magazine. This makes it incredibly easy to get a lot of kills, as you wind up not needing to reload.

Riskrunner is another Exotic that could see you dishing out a lot of damage. Thankfully, this weapon can be unlocked from the Pain and Gain Exotic quest, meaning you do not need to rely on random drops. The benefit of Riskrunner is that you’re able to chain lightning to a whole lot of enemies, netting you ridiculously easy multikills.

Destiny 2 Riskrunner
Riskrunner can be easily unlocked with the Pain and Gain quest and should make it easy for players to complete the multikill portion of Clean Getaway.

If you don’t have easy access to one of these Exotic SMGs, a good choice is the Calus MINI Tool. This can be easily acquired via the Menagerie rune and recipe system. Provided you have the necessary runes, you can get your hands on this powerful Submachine Gun, which also pairs nicely with MIDA Multi Tool.

Another great option, which is as easy to get as the MINI Tool, is Every Waking Moment. This SMG was added with Shadowkeep and is acquired via Eris on the Moon. You will need to find the Withered Plumes and then do a bunch of killing.

Obviously, if you’ve got it, you cannot look past the Recluse. Despite the recent nerfs, this is still a fantastic weapon that will tear through enemies. If you haven’t got the Recluse, do not despair, as it’s still very easy to get Exit Strategy without it.

Exit Strategy perks

Destiny 2 Exit Strategy perks
Exit Strategy is a high rate-of-fire SMG that will be able to shred through enemies thanks to Swashbuckler.

As for what Exit Strategy is all about, it comes with the following non-negotiable perks: Adaptive Frame, Arrowhead Brake, Ricochet Rounds, and a Stability Masterwork. As for what you’ll be choosing between, you have:

  • Underdog or Threat Detector
  • Swashbuckler or Surrounded

Threat Detector and Surrounded both pair nicely with one another. The reason for this is that they’re both about being near enemies. By having both active, you will receive increased reload, stability, handling, and bonus damage.

Underdog is nice, but it requires you to be in a situation where you’re receiving a lot of damage. Ideally, you will be avoiding these scenarios. Because of this, Threat Detector will likely be your preferred option.

Then there’s the mighty Swashbuckler. Kills with this weapon – and melee kills – increase Exit Strategy’s damage. Kill more to kill more.

Exit Strategy is going to take a little bit of time to unlock, though not nearly as much as some previous Pinnacle and Ritual weapons. The quest to get it, Clean Getaway, will see players spending a bit of time getting combatant kills in Gambit modes, which isn’t too bad. For more weapon overviews, check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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