Weekend Discussion - January 25, 2020

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Myles Garrett declares Star Wars dead

I agree with Myles.

Dank meme.
Dank meme.

Shout out to @splashnephew for that dank meme.

Screenshot Saturday with a twist

Pretty great.

Hue Jackson is on Cameo, and Reflog trolls him

Love to see it.

Here's a story of privilege

Here's the whole tweet thread:

My travel to @sundancefest has been delayed because of a privileged white lady who pulled some *shit*. Plane was closed and about to leave when woman approached the gate. She’d been chilling in the lounge and missed her flight. Was told she would be on the next one...

her bag would meet her in SLC. She was NOT HAVING IT. She’s apparently an elite member and frequent flier. She demanded her bag be taken off the plane or she be let on. She was told “no”. Someone wasn’t used to being told no. 

She threatened the gate staff. They wouldn’t budge. @AmericanAir staff were great- they were not taking #whitelady bullshit. She had one move left. She knew it would work. She mustered all her drama and said the words “there’s a bomb in my bag” 

So her bag was indeed taken off the plane. She was perp-walked across the tarmac to the cop car. The plane was cleared. Bomb squad had to sweep. TSA, bomb squad, cops had to do the whole safety routine. Fuck privilege.

She thought having her bag on the same flight as her was more important than the 100-something other folks with places to be. The family missing a funeral. The folks missing career ops at @sundance
I hope she goes on a no-fly list.

They’ve evacuated the whole arm of the terminal. This lady has disrupted so many flights I hope she never sees a plane again.

In case you missed it at Shacknews:

This is certainly a highlight of my time @shacknews. We just dedicated the @ExtraLife4Kids Gaming Corner @ChildrensSpecNJ. $1 million raised for our #EXTRALIFE guild! #ForTheKids #FTK #DoitforShacknews pic.twitter.com/Boy0vv2yJc

Team Shacknews is the largest component of the $1 million raised by our Extra Life guild over the past decade. It has truly been an honor to represent our community over the years. This was truly a highlight of my time here as CEO. I played a game of the board game Clue with a few of the children staying at the hospital with Shacknews contributor Michael Wang, and it was great to chat about video games. One young man, age 12, is already making games in Unreal Engine. Please consider joining our Extra Life team in 2020. We are making a difference in this crazy, messed up world. Tonight was very inspiring, and I am thankful to everyone who has donated time, money, or even shared or watched our Extra Life streams over the years.

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Lola is the best dog and I love her very much.
Lola is the best dog and I love her very much.

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