The Cartridge Family 089 – Godfall Footage Leaks, Dying Light 2 Gets the Boot

Pretty sure we just saw a video game running on PlayStation 5. Also, will any games come out in the first half of 2020? No? Cool, ok.


John is off in California role-playing Once Upon a Time in Hollywood this week, so Joe and Buffa muscled through the rare two-person show. Thankfully, our lovely personalities made up for John’s absence, and we expect him to return with a vengeance next week!

What’s new? How about the WWE Royal Rumble happening this weekend? Buffa’s pumped for that. Joe, on the other hand, is all about a new Switch release, Stories Untold, which rose to critical acclaim on PC a few years ago before finally gracing Nintendo’s system. Considering Joe’s not a huge fan of scary-ish games, we’re surprised he had the guts to see this one through. Bravo! Meanwhile, Buffa has an eye on another Switch release called 198X: The Game, which dropped this past Thursday. Imagine a retro-inspired game comprised of different micro games celebrating some of the best genres the 80s had to offer. Seems totally rad.

Will any triple A games come out in the next few months? Out of nowhere, Dying Light 2 succumbed to that nasty delay bug going around and is releasing… sometime in the future. It’s a shame because we loved the original Dying Light, but maybe it’ll launch right around the same time that the PS5 hits store shelves.

Speaking of the PS5, footage leaked of the upcoming exclusive hack-and-slash game, Godfall. It looks solid for a launch title, but will it be enough to get people to spend in excess of $500 this holiday season? Not sure, but hey, any shred of info on the next gen consoles is welcome.

Finally, we close the show talking about every gamer’s virtual mountain to climb, the old backlog. Now that we have some breathing room between releases, what games will Joe and Buffa play while waiting for the likes of DOOM Eternal and Resident Evil 3?

Stay for the video game talk, and learn of Joe’s special weekend event that neither John or Buffa were invited to.

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